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Interpreter:Tom Shay

PIAA Baseball Bulletins

2017 Baseball Bulletin II - New

2017 Baseball Bulletin I - New
2017 Baseball Preseason Bulletin - New
2016 Baseball Bulletin V
2016 Baseball Bulletin IV
2016 Baseball Bulletin III
2016 Baseball Bulletin II
2016 Baseball Bulletin I
2016 Baseball Bulletin Ippt
2016 Baseball Preseason Bulletin
2015 Baseball Bulletin II
2015 Baseball Bulletin I
2015 Baseball Preseason Bulletin
2014 Baseball Bulletin II
2014 Baseball Bulletin I
2014 Baseball Preseason Bulletin

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PIAA Officials’ Manual - New

2016-17 Officials Bulletin I

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PIAA Baseball Documents
Lightning safety - New

Baseball Chapter Meeting Guide - New
2 Man System of Umpiring - New
2 Man System Special Situations - New

Working the Plate - New
Working the Bases - New
PIAA Baseball Umpires Manual - New
Baseball Field Diagram - New

Baseball Evaluation Form
Baseball Officials Signals
4 Man with Motion
NFHS on Handling Lightning Disturbances
Suspended Game Card
Managing Appeal Plays
Dead Ball under NFHS Rules

CCSOO Baseball Documents
CYO Rules - New
Game times and fees - Updated
Schools Assigned by Bob Gottschall
CCSOO Guidelines for Handling Rainout Situations for School ADs

NFHS Baseball Documents
Baseball Rules Changes - New
Baseball Rules Interpretations - New

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