CCSOO Guidelines for Handling Rainout Situations


The athletic director should follow the steps outlined for all soccer or baseball contests:


  1. Every week, preferably during the weekend, check the web site and your home schedules to make sure all games have been properly assigned.

  2. If there is a problem, e-mail Bob Gottschall immediately to make certain that he is aware of any discrepancy.

  3. If it is determined prior to two hours before game time that the game must be postponed, contact the AD of the visiting school and determine a make-up date before contacting the referees assigned or Bob.  Once a date has been determined, contact the officials by phone and explain the decision to postpone the game and give the official(s) the option of accepting the make-up date.  If the official(s) cannot officiate the make-up date, then e-mail Bob with the information about the new make-up date and which referee(s) can officiate the new date.

  4. It is important to make sure you contact the official(s) personally.  Do not leave a message on an answering machine/mailbox, or ask someone else to contact the official(s).  If the official(s) are not contacted and do leave for the game, arriving only to find no game due to weather, then a travel fee of of the game fee is required.  If the home AD determines that the game will be played and the game begins, and the officials determine that because of safety, the game must be stopped, the officials shall receive full fee(s).  The 30-minute waiting period for lightning/thunder, as explained in the NFHS Guidelines on Handling Contests During Lightning Disturbances found on the CCSOO web site, is to be adhered to without exception.

  5. If the official is contacted by the AD and the game is postponed for any other reason beside weather, the notification to the official(s) must be made 24 hours or more prior to game time or the official(s) shall receive game fee for lack of alternate income opportunity.  Reasons for this may include, but are not be limited to a lack of players needed to play the game, lack of anyone to act as coach(es), field trips at the last minute, or disciplinary causes.  Officials book out the date specifically to officiate that game and should not be penalized because the game must be cancelled/postponed due to issues other than weather.